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There Is No Line To See Jesus

24 Dec

My story based on Becky Kelley’s music video located at  http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=OExXItDyWEY&vq=medium.

God wants us to be deliberate disciples. He opens our individual spirits and pours out a richness of invigorating truths that we can only see through His eyes. He is the way. He is the truth. He is life.

We miss so many of Jesus’gifts to us. We have so let the Christmas season be an excuse for indulgence in material things and tempting delicacies that the line to see Jesus during His own birthday celebration doesn’t appear to hold the same excitement as the one to see what Santa can give us.

Jesus doesn’t entice us just for one decorated holiday out of the year with temptations of material possessions that give us a few moments of pleasure and a few days of brightly lit trees leaving behind a pile of debt.

A line draws attention and indicates there is a wait for some brief encounter. The line to see Jesus is only an illusion of our ability to comprehend at a material level. Jesus does not limit us to a brief season with promises of toys to delight and entertain us. The throne of Jesus is not a temporary one. He doesn’t dress in special attire and allow us a few minutes of His time to tell him what our carnal desires are. He is always available to us without waiting. His capacity to give was proven at Calvary. His life is the ultimate gift. Jesus gives without ulterior motives and His life made the line unnecessary. Hence, we can’t see the line to Jesus because there isn’t one. Jesus is always available to us – no waiting. The gift of eternal life has already been bought and paid for. There is nothing standing in the way of His immediate availability to any one of us.

Jesus’ gift to us is truly priceless. It is life everlasting. It is a gift that cannot be purchased or compared to anything on our earth. We only need to invite Him into our hearts. With His gift of eternal life comes the knowledge that He will not disappear into the night promising to return at the same time next year. Jesus offers us life with the promise that He is with us at all time – every moment – good and bad, fun or no fun. His gift of life to us is ours for the asking. We only need ask Him to forgive our sin and invite Him in to our hearts to live.

Jesus is the one waiting in line. Don’t make Him wait any longer. He is waiting for your invitation today.He won’t say no. You will  never again stand in any line alone. He will accept you with open arms and give you eternal life and His constant companionship.

Read more about the Good News at .http://faithwritersjesuspage.weebly.com/.

Our Least Favorite Subject – Obedience – God Is Not Santa Claus!

14 Jun

He Walks With Me

Obedience to God is the key to so many of the things we desire from Him. I am not referring to material things or things on our “wish list”, or to getting our own way all the time. It’s not about having all of our prayers answered just the way we want them or living in a perfect world where there are no problems and life is easy. It also isn’t about a life of wealth and health and utter bliss.

If you are looking for a life where true love exists with no heartaches, and your heart can be at peace when everything around you is failing – going wrong in almost every sense of the word – then, I believe this series of devotionals can help you.

I’m gong to write about finding The Way – true peace in the midst of every storm. It is about learning to trust in the One True Source that can give you everything you need. It is about following through. It is about timing – His timing.

My challenge to you and my purpose in writing this is for you to consider that God wants more of you – not for you to DO more – but for fellowship and friendship with Him.

Where do you look for peace?

God’s Word, is real and sharper than a two-edged sword. It really is. It is so alive and so full of God’s love for you and His direction for every situation in your life. You can have peace – the kind of peace that can’t be explained. It’s a peace you cannot find in all your money. You can’t find it in your mate, or your children or your grandchildren. It isn’t in the toys you love. These are ways to spend your time that may occupy your time and distract you. They may take your mind far away from reality. But these are only temporary fixes.

Your peace won’t come from drugs, alcohol, sex or food. These things may help dull your senses and satisfy your flesh. However, none of these things really give you the peace in your heart you so need when your life is falling apart and your heart is breaking.

We have all seen how hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters, can wipe away all the precious material possessions we all hold on to. When some sort of catastrophe visits our doorstep and begins to take away all that we have held in our minds to be the things that make us who we are, what happens to our peace then? Who do we turn to?

What happens when the world as we know it – our world – is shattered and everything we found our comfort and contentment in fails us? We try to hold it together. We do all we can to make it right again. We struggle and fight within ourselves until we feel our hearts will never mend. We cry out to God and make vows and promises we can’t keep. We try to bargain with God and plead with Him to make everything okay again. We’re disappointed and angry when He doesn’t jump in there and make miracles happen to prove He is God and to show us He will make things okay for us again.

What did you do wrong?

We even come to a point where we’re angry at Him and embarrassed that He could let us down in such a way that our friends think we couldn’t be living right. Surely, we must not be following all of the rules. There must have been something different we could have done. If we had, our lives would be proof of it. We would have everything in order and we would be like the Joneses – with perfect houses full of goodies and great cars and beautiful and perfect, well-behaved children. We would have lots of friends and the most up-to-date clothes – whatever toys our hearts delight in – great health – perfect holiday celebrations and nothing to worry about. That would prove God loves us and we’re living the good life, wouldn’t it?

After all, God said, “Delight yourself in Me and I will give you the desires of your heart”. He said it – did He mean it or not? Well, if I don’t have everything my heart desires, does that mean I’m not good enough or that I am not doing enough for God? Okay, then. I’ll join one more Bible Study or volunteer for a committee to show just how much of a Christian I am. I’ll work a little harder at making everyone see what good person I am. I’ll lose some weight and bring my wardrobe up to date – dye my hair – have some cosmetic surgery. Then everyone will see that I still have what it takes. They’ll envy me and see what a good person I am. I’ll surely feel better about myself.

I know something that will really help me feel better. I’ll buy some more toys. I’ll get new furniture or a big new car – a bigger, newer, faster computer – the most up to date cell-phone or smart phone.
I’ll drink away my sorrow or my shortcomings. I’ll take a few more pills so I won’t have to think about all of the things that bother me. I’ll join another group. I’ll find another mate. I’ll turn up the volume on my IPOD and drown out everything that is trying to bring me down. I’ll eat some comfort food. I’ll buy something that will make me feel better.

Have you gotten the picture? Do you see what we do – what we call living? Can you see what lengths we go to so that we will have peace and joy? Do any of them work for you when your life is falling apart or when you are hurting so much inside? Do any of these things last when you are all alone?

What, then, if anything, is the answer? Where can I find peace and joy? How can I be content? Is it possible?

Come back later — This devotional is continued

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