There Is No Line To See Jesus

24 Dec

My story based on Becky Kelley’s music video located at

God wants us to be deliberate disciples. He opens our individual spirits and pours out a richness of invigorating truths that we can only see through His eyes. He is the way. He is the truth. He is life.

We miss so many of Jesus’gifts to us. We have so let the Christmas season be an excuse for indulgence in material things and tempting delicacies that the line to see Jesus during His own birthday celebration doesn’t appear to hold the same excitement as the one to see what Santa can give us.

Jesus doesn’t entice us just for one decorated holiday out of the year with temptations of material possessions that give us a few moments of pleasure and a few days of brightly lit trees leaving behind a pile of debt.

A line draws attention and indicates there is a wait for some brief encounter. The line to see Jesus is only an illusion of our ability to comprehend at a material level. Jesus does not limit us to a brief season with promises of toys to delight and entertain us. The throne of Jesus is not a temporary one. He doesn’t dress in special attire and allow us a few minutes of His time to tell him what our carnal desires are. He is always available to us without waiting. His capacity to give was proven at Calvary. His life is the ultimate gift. Jesus gives without ulterior motives and His life made the line unnecessary. Hence, we can’t see the line to Jesus because there isn’t one. Jesus is always available to us – no waiting. The gift of eternal life has already been bought and paid for. There is nothing standing in the way of His immediate availability to any one of us.

Jesus’ gift to us is truly priceless. It is life everlasting. It is a gift that cannot be purchased or compared to anything on our earth. We only need to invite Him into our hearts. With His gift of eternal life comes the knowledge that He will not disappear into the night promising to return at the same time next year. Jesus offers us life with the promise that He is with us at all time – every moment – good and bad, fun or no fun. His gift of life to us is ours for the asking. We only need ask Him to forgive our sin and invite Him in to our hearts to live.

Jesus is the one waiting in line. Don’t make Him wait any longer. He is waiting for your invitation today.He won’t say no. You will  never again stand in any line alone. He will accept you with open arms and give you eternal life and His constant companionship.

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