Sticks & Stones

5 Jan

Our Pastor started a new series Sunday called “Sticks & Stones” – Great message – I was so inspired by everything he said that I decided to post my own comments about some of his remarks.

He quoted a remark made by Mike Tyson – “Everybody’s got a plan until they get punched in the face!” That “hit” home with me in a big way. While we are making an attempt to wait on God we get caught up in situations that we consider to be “the right things to do.” We can get so wrapped up in a project or a goal that we slowly move away from God’s purpose for our lives. There have probably been times in our lives that we were moving in a direction that we believed to be an amazing idea or a great adventure. The idea was great – we couldn’t wait to make it happen. Motivation took over and so many things began to look possible. Then – Oops – what happened?

Everything starts tumbling down. Possible it may be that the time has come to “back out” of something. I always say that getting into something is always easier than getting out! Another quote I like is “It can be a GOOD thing but may not be a GOD thing” I don’t know about you but I prefer to do God things.

Good things should be normal everyday occurrences and so should God things. The difference is that good things are incidental, God things are deliberate. According to the dictionary good things are things of high quality, first-class, first-rate, respectable, upright, noble, etc. God things are directives from Him. For instance,  instructions or commands – possibly even a mandate.

There are times that we get caught up in agreeing to do something that may seem like a good thing to us, but our motive is off just a little. We mean well and we want to help so we jump into something with both feet. Then, before long, we realize jumping in wasn’t such a good idea. When that happens to me it’s usually because my intentions were good and I meant to do something good but I didn’t check it out with God first to see if He was okay with my plans. God blesses what He calls us to do – big and small.

Please understand that we are not talking about the everyday good things we do when we are attempting to live godly lives. We are talking about God’s direction for our lives, God’s will and His plan for us. According to Pastor’s sermon, God is the author, not us, and we need to stop mourning over what God is no longer blessing in our lives. He added that sometimes the hardest thing to get rid of is something that no longer meets a need. That certainly includes me.

As he pointed out, we may be holding on to things we’ve had for many (many) years. We are attached to them and can’t let go. I have a big problem with this. I consider myself to be “sentimental” – that’s my reason. I have attached memories to certain things, and to let them go just isn’t easy for me.

Pastor challenged us to let go of whatever it is that we are holding on to that may be holding us back whether it be material or otherwise. God, the Holy Spirit, is our counselor. He is the one who can guide us in how to let go of the things that are keeping us from walking in the GOD things – which HIS blessing will be upon. Scripture is life’s instruction book. God speaks to us through His Word and gives us the direction we need and the peace that we are in His will.

This series is going to continue so be sure and check back.

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