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Get To Know God

1 Jan

God wants us to know Him intimately. The way to do that is by spending time with Him. If you’re like me, you’re in a hurry to get your day started because there is so much on your “list” to do. For some reason the things that should be the most important in my daily routine are the things that feel to me like they are taking up “project” time. I’m talking about eating right, exercising, and yes, talking with God.

Goodness! It’s even hard to admit that. I just always have so many things to do and to sit still and eat, or sit still and talk to God and read His Word, or heaven forbid – go outside and walk around the block – well, just sayin’. It’s the fast paced world we live in, I suppose. Or, possibly just bad habits.

I’ve been trying to be more disciplined in these areas. Especially my time with God. For almost 90 days now I have missed only a few quiet times with the Lord. I have gone from feeling pressured to do it to feeling incomplete if I don’t do it. Somehow, God adds time to my day when I spend my first minutes of the day with Him. And, the prayers I’ve seen answered as a result – amazing!

I’m still working on the exercise thing and the eating properly routine. But, I’ll get there. I know I will because when God comes first, all these other things are added – so says His Word.

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