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Mind-Sets & Pre-Conceived Ideas

3 Jan

In order to allow God to have His way in our lives we need to ask Him to help free us from our mind-sets and pre-conceived ideas. That is, we already have our minds set about so many things in our lives. We also have pre-conceived ideas about how things are supposed to work out for us.

Remaining “neutral” is what I believe God wants from us. If we already have our minds set on something – how can we clearly hear God when He tells us something completely different? Or, if we have pre-conceived how a matter is going to be, will we even notice when God knocks at our hearts in order to move us into a completely different direction?

Pray about it – ask God to show you about your mind-sets and your pre-conceived ideas. Ask Him to help you to remain in neutral so that you can hear Him, when you ask Him for direction. If you already have your mind made up, it’s like jumping off a cliff and then calling out to God not to let you fall!

Ask first. Listen. Obey. Don’t hesitate. To hesitate is to disobey. Besides, God’s ideas are much better than ours. Give up the control that you hold so tightly to and let God make your life more peaceful. Giving control to Him can take you to a place of freedom you never knew existed. You will love it!

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