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God Supplies Our Need Before We Know We Have One!

16 Dec

God just amazes me more every day. Lately I have become aware of just how much more God knows about me than I do. I know I shouldn’t be surprised. His Word does tell us in Psalms 139 that He knew us while we were still in our Mother’s womb. He knew every step we would take, each time we would stand up and sit down and every word that would come out of our mouths, before we speak! So, why in the world should I be surprised at His knowing what I need before I do?

A couple of weeks ago my refrigerator starting going out. I pampered it as much as I could but it finally died! I called a repair man and made the dreaded appointment. After all, it’s Christmas. What timing! Anyway, I braced myself for the worst (sad that we do that) and began to wonder how I would manage the repairs or worse, a new refrigerator.

I was talking to my son a couple of days later, before the repair man came. I was kind of whining to my son about my dilemma. He said, “Mom, not to worry. I have a side by side in my store-room, plugged in and ready to go. You can have it if you need it.” Right then I knew my refrigerator was dead and God had already provided what I needed. So, I could face the repairman without so much anxiety.

Sure enough, my refrigerator was dead and the repair was going to cost way more than I could afford. I loved that refrigerator. I was kind of worried about loosing my really nice Amana, stainless, side by side refrigerator to an unknown sitting in a storage unit. Well, beggars can’t be choosers, as they say.

That next Sunday my son came with the refrigerator in tow. I could see it from the front door. It was white. I was a little hesitant to check it out. But, I walked out to the trailer and took a look at it. Hummmm, not too bad.

My sons and I got the old frig out and the new one in. We plugged it in and said our goodbyes. I proceeded to clean the refrigerator and put all the shelves in. Goodness, it cleaned up very well. Wow! I liked it even better than the beautiful Amana stainless. It looked much better in my kitchen than the sparkling stainless.

Once again I had to apologize to my Lord. He never, never lets me down. Who new He’s a decorator? He knew I would like how this white refrigerator looked in my white kitchen much  better than the stainless.  So, why was I so worried about it?

This may seem a little silly as you read about it. But, it really isn’t. The point is God always knows what we need before we do. And, He cares right down to the color. He provided the new refrigerator before I really knew if I needed it or not. And, better yet, my son had bought it because the price was so good and kept it plugged in all this time, not knowing what he would use it for. But God knew all along. He knew way back when my son bought it that I had a need coming up and I would need that refrigerator.

Now, how can we doubt our God’s provision? This wasn’t a silly thing to Him. He loves me (and you) and knows what our needs are. He loves us so much that He gives, and gives and gives. After all, He gave His Son that we might have life – what’s a ‘lil ‘ole refrigerator?

Are We There Yet? – Keeping Up With God

14 Nov

God’s Word tells us that He will guide us – He said He would shine a light on our path. That means that we can’t see too far ahead. Think about it. If it is totally dark and you had a flashlight, just how far ahead could you see? God wants us to trust Him and to walk by faith, not by sight. He will lead us, if we let Him.

Lately, I’ve been on a journey with an idea where I am headed yet not fully aware of everything I would like to know. I have a tendency to hear something from the Lord and then run with it. Oops! I’m finding out that I can get off track that way.

We have read in the Bible that there were many who didn’t seek God first. Sometimes, even when they did ask Him, they didn’t obey. They did it their way! Well, it seems that God  has been working that out of me lately. I recently wrote an article about not getting comfortable, yet I seem to do it all the time. (Do what I say – not what I do!!)

In the past few weeks I have been seeking God about some very serious decisions I need to make. I pray and wait. Wait some more. Pray some more. Get a little news. Change direction. Wait some more. Pray some more. Are we there yet? God, can’t this go a little quicker? How about doing it this way? Oh, you don’t need my help – I need yours? Oh, okay.

Things begin to pick up – move a little faster. Now we’re getting somewhere. Now I’m sure I know where He is leading me. Oops! Got it wrong again. I ran ahead again. Had to back up a little. Wait some more. Wait some more. Wait some more. Oh, well – I must have misunderstood. I didn’t really hear Him; or did I? Hummmm, okay, that does it. It didn’t work out after all. Heck fire. Guess I got it all wrong.

A few days later things turn around completely, God says “Go!” – and I’m not ready. I thought . . . Oh, I see. I’m sorry, Lord. It wasn’t time yet. But, it’s time now. Then, everything starts falling into place – one thing after another. There is no doubt God was at work behind the scenes. I couldn’t see it. I got weary and quit talking to Him about it. But, He was still faithful. He never gets weary. He was still working all things together for my good, because I love Him and He loves me.

The great news  is – He didn’t give up on me. He knew how to get my attention so that I didn’t miss one of His blessings. God is so smart. God is so good. Thank you, Lord, for loving me so much.

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