Go Ye Into ALL the World

25 Feb

Mark 16:15 – After Jesus had risen from the dead and appeared to his disciples He said to them, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”  

Matthew 25:36-40 – Jesus said, “I was naked AND YOU CLOTHED ME. I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me.” After He said that the righteous wanted to know WHEN did we do that? And King Jesus answered them this way – “Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.”

A little over three years ago I was introduced to Brenda and Harry McDaniel, as “someone I needed to connect with because she has a sewing ministry!” (I own a local alterations/sewing business.) That opened a door to a purpose God had planned for me, and for them.

Their ministry – “And U Clothed Me” is a non-profit organization created by God through Brenda and Harry to clothe the children in Uganda. They went a few times with other ministries — and then —God called them (and began to prepare them) to go and live there for six months and set up a sewing center to teach the women (and men) how to sew so that when they returned to the United States, the people could earn a living by making and selling clothes themselves! What a challenge! Brenda and Harry answered the call and began to follow through in obedience to God. They left EVERYTHING behind – EVERYTHING! AndUClothedMe2

Brenda and Harry departed Houston on the first of January, 2020, and took over 2,000 dresses, shorts, and T-shirts – All made by supporters of the ministry. They did their part – let’s now do ours!AndUClothedMe1


After their arrival, they began seeking to follow through in renting a sewing center and making arrangements for someone to run it when they return home. Grace Church has supported them by purchasing 10 sewing machines (pedal type) to get them off the ground. (Thank you, Mike Acosta, for your help in making this happen)

Brenda and Harry have rented an apartment and will be in Uganda for four more months. If you like to be a partner in what God is doing, you can:

Sewing Center Logo

Make a deductible donation in one of the following ways:


Excerpts From Brenda and Harry

  • I have been requested to give an update on Sewing Center progress. (We are still waiting on red tape items to be cleared) – hoping to have everything cleared in a month.)
  • Funds that have been promised for the sewing machines – that process has started. Once the money arrives, we will purchase 10 machines. (We have an instructor lined up that will continue classes while we are in the USA.)
  • We are anticipating funds to get started on the painting, cabinetry and additional supplies.
  • This is a huge undertaking and we cherish your prayers and support BUT GOD -Nothing is too hard for Him!


Following is list of current and reoccurring needs – if you want to support this ministry. 

Matthew 10:41 “If you receive a prophet (one who proclaims the Word and Truth of God) YOU will be given the SAME REWARD as a prophet!”  NLT This means – even though we are not with Brenda and Harry physically, in doing our part to support them, we will receive the same reward from God as they do! That is a wonderful promise from God! Please prayerfully consider helping in one of these ways – Brenda and Harry are doing their part – let us do ours! (This is a non-profit organization)

Monthly Expenses:

  • Rent $100
  • Teacher salary $165
  • Electricity

Start-up Supplies for Sewing Center  – 12 Sewing Machines – ALREADY DONATED

  • Sewing Machine for teacher $91
  • Paint $82
  • Cabinetry $435 – materials & labor,
  • White board, markers, eraser –
  • 11 Stools
  • Lighting (Researching now)
  • 3 Large Scissors
  • 11 Seam Rippers
  • Machine Oil
  • 12 Tape Measures
  • Thread $10

Ongoing Need For Supplies

Fabric $30 per 6 yds
Small Scissors $12/Pr – Per Student/Per Semester
Large Scissors $5 (Periodically)
Seam ripper $10 (Per Semester)
Tape measure $12 ( Per Semester)



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