How God Provides For Us Through Our Faith

29 Nov

I was facing foreclosure on my home through a series of improper choices. I had done everything I could to prevent it but here I was facing the possibility of losing everything in my golden years. How did this happen to me?

Trusting God had never been a problem for me. I knew He was with me and could rescue me at any time. He had never failed me. I also I knew how to find inspirational Bible verses that would encourage me.

I loved my home and didn’t want to move. To make matters more difficult, I had a small business at home which was my only source of income other than my Social Security. I now faced one of the biggest challenges of my life. I had no idea where I would go or how I would make a living.

I was really scared. I did all I knew to do.  The first foreclosure date was miraculously delayed for 30 days. During that time the fire got hotter. I thought maybe I should pack and begin to look for a job. But each time I made an attempt to do those things I felt uneasy. So, instead, I concentrated on seeking God. I wanted to make sure I was hearing Him. I spent much of my time looking up  inspirational words from the Bible. Those meaningful quotes from the Word of God were literally words of life for me to live by. I held on to them as one would hold on to a life raft.

During this major life event, the most frightening I had ever faced, my prayer life began to change.  I spoke with God all the time. I acknowledged Him in everything. I did know He had never failed me.

Our church had just started a new series on The Circle Maker. The Pastor read some good Bible verses in Matthew 20: 29, 30-32. There were two blind men sitting by the edge of the road. When they heard that Jesus was passing by they called out to Him, “Lord, Son of David have mercy on us”! Jesus stopped and called them. “What do you want me to do for you”?  He asked. “Lord,” they answered, “we want our sight”.  NIV

That’s when my miracle really began. God spoke clearly to my heart that He wanted me to tell Him what I wanted Him to do for me. I thought I had done that. As I sought Him further on the matter, He began to show me how I had limited Him by asking only for the things I could visualize Him doing for me. I was limiting Him to those things I could see. Oh my! He challenged me to ask Him for what I truly wanted from Him.  Like the blind men, I thought it was obvious what I wanted from Him. But, He wanted me trust Him – to step out and ask for something that might not happen. Oh, that’s what faith is!

I had been telling God what I wanted but I was giving Him a way out. I ended my prayer something like this, “Father, I’m willing to give up my home, if that is your will”.  God stopped me there. He revealed to me at that point that in saying that to Him I was, in fact, opening the door for the enemy to steal my home from me.  He pointed out to me that this was where I was giving Him a way out instead of believing Him for what I wanted Him to do for me.  God wanted me to ask Him to allow me to keep my home!

My mind began to race. I began to reason and to jump ahead and work out all the details. He stopped me there and instructed me to take one step at a time as He directed my path. (Psalms 199:105) It was a struggle to form the words and get them out of my mouth. I was afraid I was asking too much of Him.

I did succeed in forming those words. I asked Him with great humility to please allow me to keep my home. God did not fail me. How God provides is the exciting part. The quotes to live by that God led me to were my hope and my salvation.

I saw miracle after miracle for another 30 days. That’s another story!

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