What Do You Want Jesus To Do For You?

31 Dec

Let God be your best friend! He is a good listener. He is always there for you; never too busy to listen. I try to sit with God each morning. I find that when I do I actually get more done in my day. It’s like anything else with God – put Him first and “all these other things will be added to you”.

I have always loved to write. I have gotten into the habit of writing my prayers. When I do, my mind doesn’t wander to other things. I am focused on my petition to the Lord. This also helps me to remember the things I need to pray for. Another added benefit is that I have the date at the top of my page which helps me even more as I see the prayers that are answered. I make it a habit to be sure and thank God for those answered prayers.
Writing your prayers out also helps you to be specific. Jesus said “. . .tell me what you want”. If I mumble something like, “Bless me today” – what am I saying? I think I’m saying “I have my mind on other things and am just trying to get through this prayer”! But, if I say “Lord, I really have a lot of work today, please help me finish it all” – I’m being specific with what I was Jesus to do for me.
What do you want Jesus to do for you today?

One Response to “What Do You Want Jesus To Do For You?”

  1. Brenda Besch December 31, 2012 at 9:12 pm #

    I say Amen to that!


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